Ancient & Historic Dyes

The following is a listing in reverse chronological order of the published articles authored by Prof. Zvi C. Koren in the area of instrumental chemical analyses of natural archaeological dyes and pigments, especially from ancient Israel:

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Publications from Israel (under the name of “Koren”):


Whitworth I. and Koren Z.C. 2016. Orchil and Tyrian Purple: Two Centuries of Bedfords from Leeds. Ambix – The Journal of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry (SHAC) 63, 3, 244-267.

Koren Z.C. 2015. Modern Chemistry of the Ancient Chemical Processing of Organic Dyes and Pigments. In Rasmussen S.C. (Ed.), Chemical Technology in Antiquity, ACS Symposium Series Vol. 1211, American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, Ch. 7, pp. 197–217. [Publisher’s website][Article to download]

Koren Z.C. 2014. Scientific Study Tour of Ancient Israel. In: Orna M.V. (Ed.), Science History: A Traveler’s Guide, ACS Symposium Series Vol. 1179, American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, Ch. 15, pp. 319–351. [Publisher’s website][Article to download]

Koren Z.C. 2014. Zvi C. Koren’s Reply to the Stermans’ Response, Bible History Daily, Biblical Archaeology Society, 02-Jan-2014.  [Go to link]

Koren Z.C. 2013. Regarding the Color of Tekhelet, Bible History Daily, Biblical Archaeology Society, 11-Dec-2013.  [Go to link]

Koren Z.C. 2013. New Chemical Insights into the Ancient Molluskan Purple Dyeing Process. In: Armitage R.A., Burton J. H. (Eds.), Archaeological Chemistry VIII, ACS Symposium Series 1147, American Chemical Society: Washington DC; Chapter 3, pp. 43–67.  [Publisher’s website][Article to download]

Koren Z.C. and Verhecken-Lammens C. 2013. Microscopic and Chromatographic Analyses of Molluskan Purple Yarns in a Late Roman Period Textile, e-Preservation Science (e-PS) 10, 27-34. [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2012. Chromatographic and colorimetric characterizations of brominated indigoid dyeings, Dyes and Pigments 95, pp. 491-501. [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2012. Chromatographic investigations of purple archaeological bio-material pigments used as biblical dyes. In: J.L.R. Sil, J.R. Trujeque, A.V. Castro, M.E. Pesqueira, Eds., Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Issues in Materials Science, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, vol. 1374, Cambridge University Press, New York, pp. 29-48. [Click to Download]

Szalda D.J., Ramig K., Lavinda O., Koren Z.C., Massa L. 2012. 6-Bromoindigo dye, Acta Crystallographica Section C, Crystal Structure Communications C68, pp. o160–o163.

Koren (Kornblum) Z.C. 2012. Preface. In: Melamed-Cohen R., Colors in the Bible, Yuval Tal Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel, p. iii. [English]

קורן (קורנבלום) צ. 2012. עם הספר. בתוך: רחמים מלמד-כהן, צבעים בתנ”ך, יובל טל בע”ם, ירושלים, ישראל, עמ’ 3

Koren Z.C. 2011.  EDITORIAL: EXTRACTING THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF COLORFUL DYE HISTORY THROUGH ANALYTICAL SCIENCEPalestine Exploration Quarterly, 143, 1 (2011), 1–3.  [Click to Download] 

Conti S., Koren Z.C., Tosini I. 2010.  La necessità delle analisi micro-distruttive nello studio dei coloranti organiciLe Antologie di OPD Restauro 7 – il Restauro dei Materiali Tessili, pp. 321 – 334.  (Also published in 2009 in OPD Restauro 21, pp. 88 – 96.)

Koren Z.C. 2009.  The Necessity of Micro-Destructive Analyses in the Study of Organic ColorantsOPD Restauro 21: Supplement, pp. 56 – 62.

Koren Z.C. 2008.  A New HPLC-PDA Method for the Analysis of Tyrian Purple ComponentsDyes in History and Archaeology 21, Archetype Publications, London, pp. 26 – 35.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2008.  Archaeo-Chemical Analysis of Royal Purple on a Darius I Stone Jar.  Microchimica acta 162, pp. 381 – 392.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2008.  Non-Destructive vs. Microchemical Analyses: The Case of Dyes and PigmentsProceedings of ART2008, 9th International Conference, Non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage, May 25-30, Jerusalem, Israel, pp. 37.1 – 37.10.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2006.  Color My World: A Personal Scientific Odyssey into the Art of Ancient Dyes.  In A. Stephens and R. Walden (editors), For the Sake of Humanity: Essays in Honour of Clemens Nathan, Martinus Nijhoff – Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands, pp. 155-189.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2006.  HPLC-PDA Analysis of Brominated Indirubinoid, Indigoid, and Isatinoid Dyes.  In Meijer L., Guyard N., Skaltsounis L. & Eisenbrand G. (editors), Indirubin, the red shade of indigo, Life in Progress Editions, Roscoff, France, Ch. 5, pp. 45-53.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2005.  The First Optimal All-Murex All-Natural Purple Dyeing in the Eastern Mediterranean in a Millennium and a Half. Dyes in History and Archaeology 20, Archetype Publications, London, pp. 136-149, Color Plates 15.1-15.5.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2005.  Chromatographic Analyses of Selected Historic Dyeings from Ancient Israel.  In Janaway R. and Wyeth P. (editors), Scientific Analysis of Ancient and Historic Textiles: Informing, Preservation, Display and Interpretation. Archetype Publications, London, pp. 194-201.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2002.  Color Characterisation of Ancient Middle Eastern TextilesProceedings of the Euro-Mediterranean Post-Graduate School on New Materials and Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Consisting of Natural Fibrous Polymers (Textiles, Books, Miniatures, Papyri, Parchment), National Research Council, Naples, Italy, pp. 86-99.

Koren, Z.C. 2002. A PurpleStained Potsherd. In Kempinski A. (Scheftelowitz N., Oren R., eds), Tel Kabri: The 19861993 Excavation Seasons. Monograph Series No. 20. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, Institute of Archaeology. Chapter 16, pp. 446-448.

Koren Z.C. 2001.  A Successful Talmudic-Flavored High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Carthamin from Red Safflower Dyeings.  Dyes in History and Archaeology 16/17, Archetype Publications, London, pp. 158-166.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 2001.  Chromatographic and Spectrometric Analyses of Natural Archaeological Textile Dyes from IsraelProceedings of the 2001 International Textile Congress, Department d’Enginyeria Textil i Paperera, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Terrassa, Spain, pp. 63.1-63.10.

Koren Z.C. 1999.  Microscopic and Chromatographic Analyses of Decorative Band Colors on Nabatean ‘En Rahel Textiles – Kermes and Shaded Bands.  ‘Atiqot 38, pp. 129-136.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z. C. 1999.  Book Review: Roald Hoffmann and Shira Leibowitz Schmidt, Old Wine, New Flasks: Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition (W. H. Freeman, New York, 1997). Chemical Heritage 17 (2), p. 33. [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1998.  Color Analysis of the Textiles.  In Schick T., The Cave of the Warrior. A Fourth Millennium Burial in the Judean Desert, IAA Reports, No. 5, Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem, pp. 100-106.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1998.  The Mamluk-Period Jazirat Fara’un (Coral Island) Textile Dyeings.  ‘Atiqot 36, pp. 108-113.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1997.  The Unprecedented Discovery Of The Royal Purple Dye On The Two Thousand Year-Old Royal Masada Textile.  American Institute for Conservation, The Textile Specialty Group Postprints, Volume 7, pp. 23-34.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1996.  Colors and Colorants on Ancient Textiles.  Zfiyah – Temple Researches, Volume 5: Tekhelet, Argaman, Tola’at Shani. Temple Institute, Jerusalem, pp. 182-191. [Hebrew]

קורן צ. 1996.  צבעים וציבענים באריגים קדומיםצפיה – חקרי מקדש, כרך חמישי: תכלת, ארגמן, .תולעת שני, הוצאת מכון המקדש, ירושלים, עמ’ 182 – 191

Koren Z.C. 1996.  Spectrometry and Chromatography of Archaeological Textile DyesChemistry & Chemical Engineering – Journal of the Society of Chemical Engineers & Chemists of the Association of Engineers & Architects in Israel 24, pp. 14-19. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ. 1996.  ספקטרומטריה וכרומטוגרפיה של ציבענים טקסטיליים ארכיאולוגייםכימיה – הנדסה כימית, גיליון מס’ 24, מארס, עמ’ 14 – 19

Koren Z.C. 1996.  Historico-Chemical Analysis of Plant Dyestuffs Used in Textiles from Ancient Israel.  In Orna M.V. (editor), Archaeological Chemistry: Organic, Inorganic and Biochemical Analysis, ACS Symposium Series 625, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., Ch. 21, pp. 269-310.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1995.  An Efficient HPLC Analysis Scheme for Plant and Animal Red, Blue and Purple Dyes.  Dyes in History and Archaeology 13, pp. 27-37.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1995.  High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of an Ancient Tyrian Purple Dyeing Vat from Israel.  Israel Journal of Chemistry 35, pp. 117-124.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1995.  Analysis of the Nahal Shahaq Site Textile Fibers and Dyes.  ‘Atiqot – the Journal of the Israel Antiquities Authority 26, pp. 49-53.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. and Sheffer A. 1995.  The Pigments Discovered in the Philistine Temple at Tel Qasile.  Archaeology and the Natural Sciences Bulletin, No. 3, Weizmann Institute of Science, pp. 22-26. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ., שפר א. 1995.  הפיגמנטים שנתגלו במקדש הפלישתי בתל-קסילה.  ארכאולוגיה ומדעי הטבע, ביולטין מס’ 3, מרץ 1995, מכון ויצמן למדע, רחובות, עמ’ 26-22

Koren Z.C. 1994.  HPLC Analysis of the Natural Scale Insect, Madder and Indigoid DyesJournal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists 110, pp. 273-277.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1994.  The Chemistry of Ancient Textile DyesChemistry, No. 20, pp. 42-44. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ. 1994. הכימיה של ציבענים טקסטיליים עתיקים. כימיה, גליון 20, עמ’ 44-42

Koren (Kornblum) Z.C. 1994.  Analysis of the Masada Textile Dyes.  In Aviram J., Foerster G., and Netzer E. (editors), Masada IV. The Yigael Yadin Excavations 1963–1965. Final Reports, Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem, pp. 257-264.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C., Sheffer A., and Granger-Taylor H. 1994.  Table V – dye analysis.  In Aviram J., Foerster G., and Netzer E. (editors), Masada IV. The Yigael Yadin Excavations 1963–1965. Final Reports, Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem, pp. 251–255.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1994.  The Purple Potsherd Pigment.  In Kempinski A. and Niemeier W.D. (editors), Excavations at Kabri. Preliminary Report of 1992–1993 Seasons, No. 7-8, Tel Kabri Expedition and Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, pp. *40-*43.

Koren Z.C. 1994.  Ancient Textile Dyes in Modern Chemical Research.  Archaeology and the Natural Sciences, Bulletin No. 2 (March), Weizmann Institute of Science, pp. 5-8. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ. 1994. ציבענים טקסטיליים עתיקים במחקר הכימי המודרני. ארכאולוגיה ומדעי הטבע, ביולטין מס’ 2, מרץ, מכון ויצמן למדע, רחובות, עמ’ 7-5

Koren Z.C. 1993.  Methods of Dye Analysis used at the Shenkar College Edelstein Center in Israel.  Dyes in History and Archaeology 11, pp. 25-33.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1993.  The Colors and Dyes on Ancient Textiles in Israel.  In Sorek C. and Ayalon E. (editors), Colors from Nature: Natural Colors in Ancient Times, Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, pp. 15*-31*.  [Click to Download]

Koren Z.C. 1993.  Colors and Dyes in Ancient Textiles.  In Sorek C. and Ayalon E. (editors), Colors from Nature: Natural Colors in Ancient Times, Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, pp. 47-65. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ. 1993. צבעים וציבענים באריגים קדומים. מתוך צבע מהטבע: על צבעים טבעיים בעת העתיקה, בעריכת שורק ח. איילון א., הוצאת מוזיאון ארץ-ישראל, תל אביב, עמ’ 65-47

Koren Z.C. 1992.  Investigating Dyes in Archaeological Textiles: Chemical Technology in the Service of the Ancient World.  Yalkut – Israel Textile Journal 129, pp. 20-23. [Hebrew]

 קורן צ. 1992. חקירת צבענים בטקסטילים ארכיאולוגיים: טכנולוגיה כימית בשירות העולם העתיק. ילקוט – בטאון תעשיית הטקסטיל והאופנה בישראל 129, אפריל, עמ’ 23-20