General Info


Symposium Website:
The symposium presentations will occur at the host institution, Shenkar College, located in the city of Ramat Gan. 
This city is situated in the Greater Tel Aviv metropolis and is also home to Israel’s famous Diamond Exchange, the “Bursa”.
Shenkar College can be found on Google maps – click here.
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design,
12 Anna Frank St.,
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Note: The presentations will be in the following building:
Mitchell Building – Lorber Auditorium
Free parking will be arranged for those arriving by car.
(More information will be provided at a later date.)
Language of Symposium:
All presentations will be in English.
Format of Symposium:
Oral and Poster Presentations.
This symposium is sponsored by The Edelstein Foundation through the American Committee for Shenkar College and by:

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