iECS 2011 – International Edelstein Color Symposium: The Science & Art of Color
Symposium (Oral & Poster Presentations):  Feb. 27 – 28
Post-Symposium (Optional Study Tours):  March 1 – 3
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(Note: All participants will receive a printed copy at the symposium, so please save paper)
Tuesday – Thursday, March 1 – 3:  Optional Post-Symposium Study Tours
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Theme 1: Historic Colors Revealed Through Science

Colors in Ancient Palaces:
The Role of Color in King Herod’s Palace at Jericho 
Dr. Silvia Rozenberg
Rodney E. Soher Senior Curator of Classical Archaeology
Israel Museum
Jerusalem, Israel  
Colors in Ancient European Textiles:
Prehistoric Textiles from the Salt Mine of Hallstatt in Austria – Dyestuff Analysis, Experiments and Inspiration for Contemporary Applications
(based on research conducted with Maarten R. van Bommel, Anna Hartl, Hans Reschreiter, Karina Grömer, Helga Rösel-Mautendorfer, Ineke Joosten, and Rudolph Erlach)
Prof. Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer
Institute of Art and Technology / Archaeometry
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Vienna, Austria 
Colors in Historic Paintings:
Early Synthetic Organic Lake Pigments Used by Vincent van Gogh in the South of France
(based on research conducted with Maarten R. van Bommel and Muriel Geldof)
Matthijs de-Keijzer
Senior Researcher, Cultural Heritage Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Colors in Historic Manuscripts:
Artists’ Pigments in Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts:  Uncovering Forgeries and Tracing Artistic Influences
Prof. Mary Virginia Orna
Department of Chemistry
The College of New Rochelle
New York, USA
Colors in the Bible:
Announcing the Discovery of the First Authentic Biblical-Blue Tekhelet from Ancient Israel After a Millennium and a Half of Disappearance
Prof. Zvi C. Koren
Director, The Edelstein Center for the Analysis of Ancient Artifacts
Department of Chemical Engineering
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Ramat Gan, Israel
Theme 2: Modern Colors in Art, Design, and the Mind 
Keynote Address:  Colors & Philosophy
The Reality of Colours – Do Colours Exist in the Objects We See or Only in Our Minds?
Prof. John Hyman
Professor of Aesthetics
Editor, The British Journal of Aesthetics
Faculty of Philosophy, The Queen’s College
Oxford, UK
Keynote Address:  Colors in Painting Styles
The Dialogue Between Recent Color Technologies and Style
Dr. Harry Rand
Senior Curator of Cultural History, Division of Political History
National Museum of American History (NMAH) – Smithsonian Institution
Washington DC, USA
Laureate Address:  Colors in Design:
Colors in the Soul of a Designer
Prof. Dan Reisinger (agi)
Laureate of the Israel Prize for Design
Tel Aviv, Israel

Colors in Architecture:

From the Blue House in Marrakesh to the White City
Prof. Michael Levin
Head, Department of Multidisciplinary Art
Head, Culture Studies
Faculty of Design
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Colors in the City:
Varicolored Spatial Narration: Illuminating the Urban Architectural Landscape
Thorsten Bauer
Creative Director and Manager
Bremen, Germany
Colors in Intimate Fashion:
Inside Out: The Language of Color in Women’s Intimate Apparel – A Contemporary and Historical Perspective
Ilana Joselowitz
Fashion Designer and Trend Consultant
Design Manager, TEFRON (Israel)
Design and Trend Consultant, NILIT (Israel)

Closing Theme: The Colors of Wines 
The Colors of Wines:  Argaman and More
Avi Feldstein
Segal Wines