Isotope & Quantum Chemistry & Others

The following is a listing in reverse chronological order of the talks delivered under the name of Zvi C. Kornblum, from 1990 back to 1975, during the years that Prof. Koren was living in the States.  These talks cover topics in isotope chemistry, quantum mechanical properties, spectrometry, and materials: 


In Memoriam
Prof. Takanobu Ishida
(1931 – 2014)
Takanobu IshidaA Great Ph.D. Adviser, Educator, and Mentsch. May His Memory Be For a Blessing.
Read his obituary from Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Magazine here.


Sunscreen Ointments – A Consumer-Oriented Spectrophotometric Investigation
American Chemical Society, Boston, Massachusetts, Spring

Metal Alloys with “Memory” and Other Materials Science Demonstrations
American Society of Metals (ASM) International, Student Affairs Committee, Cleveland, Ohio, Spring


Structure and Lennard-Jones Potential Functions of the Carbon Monoxide Dimer from Semiempirical MNDO Computations
8th Canadian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, Halifax, Nova Scotia, August


Quantum Mechanical Intermolecular Potential Functions of the Carbon Monoxide Dimer
Department of Chemistry, Brooklyn College, New York, November


The Effective Atomic Charge: An Isotope-Independent IR Intensity Property. ab initio Calculations for the CHn Series. Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Isotopes, Ventura, California, February



Ab initio (STO-3G) Dipole Moment Derivatives of the CHn Series, The Second Chemical Congress of the North American Continent, Las Vegas, Nevada, August


Relationship between the Isotope Effect on the Zero Point Energy Shift upon Condensation and Effective Atomic Charges, Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Isotopes, Santa Barbara, California, February



Molecular Orbital Calculation of Zero Point Energy Shifts upon Condensation of Fluorohydrocarbons, The 26th International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan September [co-authored with and delivered by T. Ishida]


Atomic Force Parameters in Isotope Effects, Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Isotopes, Plymouth, New Hampshire, July



Theory of Inverse Isotope Effects, Arbeitstagung Isotope in der Natur, Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Gera, East Germany, September. [co-authored with T. Ishida and J. S. Pollin; talk delivered by T. Ishida]